I haven’t updated since August; I feel as though I owe you an explanation, at least.  This blog is on hiatus until further notice.  I’m currently focusing my creative energy into my Simself legacy and rotation play, therefore there won’t be any updates for this blog until at least one of those are complete.  Thanks for understanding!

A Birthday and Adoption Party

"Gah, we made that awesome baby up there." "We're awesome."

“Gah, we made that awesome baby up there.”
“We’re awesome.”

The excitement of the new baby was still raging when Lucinda when into labor.

"Uhh...Jay!  It's time!"

“Uhh…Jay! It’s time!”

"Plum, I'm too old for this."

“Plum, I’m too old for this.”

"Worth it."

“Worth it.”

We welcomed another little girl into the family: Sophia Royale.

07-20-15_11-03 AMTiana wasn’t upset about having a new siblings whatsoever; she loved her like her own daughter.  It’ll be good for Annora to have someone to grow up with.  07-20-15_11-35 AMThe house wasn’t even too crazy, with four adults and two babies.  After gen 2, this was a piece of cake. 07-20-15_11-55 AMSpeaking of cake — those little nooboos don’t stay nooboos forever!  Luce invited over the family for a baby birthday party.   07-20-15_12-01 PMThe girls aged up together, Sophia on the left and Annora on the right.  Sophia gained the Goofball/Rambunctious Scamp combo like her brother, James.  Annora is a Bookworm, like her father, aspiring to be an Artistic Prodigy, like her mother.07-20-15_11-55 AM-2James and Donny are still very muchso together; they’ve now moved into their own place — a two bedroom home over in Newcrest.  Though I’m not entirely sold on their fashion choices, they make a pretty cute couple. 07-20-15_12-04 PMThe rules do state that Lucinda could only have three children, but she and Jay both rolled the whim; I wasn’t going to deny them both.  Plus, with Jayce’s awkward mod-induced pregnancy, Lucinda technically only gave birth to one child (James).   Either way, Luce and James are getting up there in age, and we all know a particular couple that won’t be able to have children of their own… 07-20-15_12-07 PMJames and Donny are adopting Sophia, and she will be going home with them as soon as the party is over.  Everyone’s pretty happy about it!  The family is really close, so I expect Sophia will be over visiting all the time anyway.07-20-15_12-51 AMYup, life’s pretty good in the Royale household right now.  (I mean, who wouldn’t want to wake up to that view at three in the morning?  😉 )

Another Generation

We’re back with another update, and Tiana’s back in the kitchen!  (As if she ever left the kitchen.)07-20-15_9-45 AMI’m not sure that throwing knives while pregnant is the safest decision you’ve ever made…07-20-15_9-45 AM-2Or throwing large glass bottles. 07-20-15_9-45 AM-3Or–whatever.  Just whatever.  I’m not going to tell a largely pregnant, knife-wielding woman what to do.07-20-15_9-48 AMHonestly, Tiana seemed to enjoy pregnancy.  She didn’t let it slow her down one bit.  Her boss made her take a few days off, and Ti spent those days cooking, cleaning, and sleeping.  I swear, she’s a better Cinderella than Lucinda ever was (shh…no one tell Luce I said that).07-20-15_9-55 AM-2She was doing great up until the very end of her third trimester.  She started feeling pretty plummy and downed about an entire pot of tea.

"You guys are so inspiring -- pregnant and still so focused on your own hobbies and careers!  I hope I'm as good of a cook as you guys one day!" "That's nice, dear...Hey Ti, what filter looks best

“You guys are such an inspiration — pregnant and still so focused on your own hobbies and careers! I hope I’m as good of a cook as you guys one day!”
“That’s nice, dear…  Hey Ti, what filter looks best with BLTs again?”

07-20-15_9-56 AM-3To make matters worse, she went into labor right then and there.

"Oh my plum!  I think--" "C'mon Luce, you've got to tell me your secret for that amazing roast chicken..."

“Oh my plum! I think–“
“C’mon Luce, you’ve got to tell me your secret for that amazing roast chicken…”

"Definitely the baby!  The baby is coming!" "Is it garlic?  It's garlic, isn't it?"

“Definitely the baby! The baby is coming!”
“Is it garlic? It’s garlic, isn’t it?”

"Is something wrong back there, you're being awfully rude to our guest?" "No, Mom.  Everything's peachy."

“Is something wrong back there, you’re being awfully rude to our guest?”
“No, Mom. Everything’s peachy.”

"Julien!  You're home!  Thank Watcher!"

“Julien! You’re home! Thank Watcher!”

"Goodevening, dear.  How's our little bun in the oven?"

“Good evening, dear. How’s our little bun in the oven?”

"The bun is done baking.  It's time to get this baby out!" "Really?!  Can I feel?"

“The bun is done baking. It’s time to get this baby out!”
“Really?! Can I feel?”

07-20-15_10-03 AMJulien waited patiently in the rocking chair while Tia stepped up to do her legacy duty; it went without a hitch — is anything challenging for this girl? 07-20-15_10-10 AM-3Meet the first baby and heir of generation four, Annora Royale. 07-20-15_10-14 AM The couple couldn’t have been happier.  ❤

Girls’ Night Out

That’s right, Tia.  Being a mom is hard work, and not the kind that you can get a promotion in! 07-20-15_8-56 AMTia was in her third trimester, and Luce in her second.  I sent them to the spa with their close female relatives to enjoy a girls’ night out at the brand new spa — Mt. Fuji Spa and Wellness , made by the wonderfully talented Meggs (meggles87 on the Gallery).07-20-15_8-57 AMThe entrance alone is breathtaking — the ceiling reaching all the way to the third floor.   All of the neutral tones, plants, and water details immediately give off a zen vibe.07-20-15_8-57 AM-3The girls headed straight to the dressing room so everyone (aside from Luce…stubborn nonconformist) could change into their robes. 07-20-15_8-58 AMVivianna Landgraab and Kate Goth made a special appearance!  These two sisters are the daughters of Malcolm Landgraab and Cassandra Goth.  Kate is also Davon (Lottie’s husband)’s mom! 07-20-15_9-01 AMThe pregnant women set out for foot massages right away.  It was annoying how little pregnant Sims can do at the spa…I get that they can’t die, but they can’t even sit in the sauna for a little while?  Is it really that dangerous?  And no full-body massages?  C’mon. 07-20-15_9-01 AM-2Coralie took advantage of the open massage opportunity. 07-20-15_9-07 AMI found Kate and Vivanna enjoying the sauna.  Viv must have said something to Kate about being related to the Royales, because just  about the time, she wandered out to chat up Tia. 07-20-15_9-02 AM“Hey, you’re my daughter-in-law’s sister, right?  Small world!”07-20-15_9-05 AMCousin Cecelia has the swagger walk — fitting.07-20-15_9-05 AM-2Some meditation for the cousins.  Cecelia and Lucinda were close when Cece was a kid, then they grew apart for awhile, but now they’re best friends again!  I’m glad; she’s my favorite spare/cousin.07-20-15_9-08 AM-2Has dangerously red bladder meter.  Stops to get a fizzy drink. 07-20-15_9-09 AM-3Luce and Lottie got to catch up; they’d grown apart a bit since Lottie moved out.  Lottie chatted about her boys, and Luce reminded her that the boys are going to have another aunt or uncle soon!07-20-15_9-09 AM-4“That’s…great?”  I don’t know either, Lottie.07-20-15_9-09 AM-2This is probably my favorite part of the entire spa — I love how dark and modern this little lounge looks.    07-20-15_9-14 AMLuce agrees.07-20-15_9-12 AMApparently pregnant Sims can do one yoga pose, so I sent them up to do that.  It was very uneventful.

But here’s some fantastic elders doing yoga to make up for it!07-20-15_9-20 AM   07-20-15_9-21 AM-307-20-15_9-21 AM-2Well, they were in sync for a little while at least.07-20-15_9-19 AM-2Wow, this lot is just gorgeous.  It fits perfectly with the big city skyline, and it looks pretty great with the rest of Magnolia Promenade too…07-20-15_9-22 AMA little sneak-peek…there’s Tia’s future restaurant in the back! 07-20-15_9-25 AMI’d say someone enjoyed her day off.

07-20-15_9-32 AM-3As soon as she walked through the door, Julien had to inspect the baby bump — to make sure it was still in-tact and all. 07-20-15_9-33 AM-2“So, you’re okay then?”

“I went to the spa, not the hospital!”07-20-15_9-32 AM-2“Right.  Knew that.”

Pregnant 1 and Pregnant 2

07-19-15_11-21 PM

“Well, well…don’t you two look like you’re just absolutely glowing today.”

That’s right.  Glowing, as in…aliens pregnant!  Both of them!  Lucinda was supposed to only have three children, but she and Jay both rolled a whim to Try for Baby, so I obliged.  James and Donny are going to adopt Luce’s child and move out as soon as they age up into adults.07-19-15_11-31 PM-3 Julien stopped by to see if Ti was around (she wasn’t — she was at work — as usual).  Luce was taking a nap, so the men had the backyard all to themselves.

"So, you excited about the baby?"

“You excited about the baby?”

"Wait -- who's baby?"

“Wait — who’s baby?”

"Yours!  Duh!"

“Yours! Duh!”

"Hey, future-bro-in-law.  Excited about the baby?  Gotta warn you man, Ti's already getting fat...good luck with that, man."

“Hey, future-bro-in-law. Gotta warn you man, Tia’s already getting fat…good luck with that.”

"But...she didn't...why didn't she tell me?  What if I'm a terrible father?  Oh, Watcher!  We did not plan for this!"

“But…she didn’t…why didn’t she tell me?”
“This is Tia we’re talking about.  She’s been at work!”

07-19-15_11-37 PMJust then, a very exhausted, pregnant Tia trudged home with a big grin on her face — she’d gotten a promotion for the third day in a row.

"Uhh...is this an intervention or something?"

“What, is this an intervention or something?  Because once I’m head chef my hours are totally gonna get cut back–“

Little did she know, she’d be coming home to a drama fest.  Maybe she should’ve just stayed at work.07-19-15_11-39 PMSuddenly, they were the only two people in the back yard, and he broke out into song.  This truly is a Disney legacy.

"We've got a little bun in the oven, I hear."

“We’ve got a little bun in the oven, I hear.”

"No, I'm not crying...I, uh, have cowplant slime in my eye."

“No, I’m not crying…I just have some happiness stuck in my eye.”

"I'm gonna be a daddy!"

“I’m gonna be a daddy!”

Love and Hot Tubs

"Enjoying the new hot tub so far?"

“Enjoying the new hot tub?”

"Mm, I'm enjoying it even more now..."

“Mm, I’m enjoying it even more now…”

"You know, there are other enjoyable things you can do in a hot tub..."

“You know, there are other enjoyable things you can do in a hot tub…”

"Oh yeah?" "Yeah."

“Oh yeah?”

"Like this?" "Oh, you're gonna get it now."

“Like this?”
“Oh, you’re gonna get it now.”

07-19-15_10-52 PM07-19-15_10-48 PM-207-19-15_10-48 PM 07-19-15_10-52 PM-2 07-19-15_10-49 PM-2

Later that night…07-19-15_11-02 PMThis is the typical evening scene, minus Snow’s sad ghost floating through the background.  Jay working out, Luce gardening.  Enjoying their individual hobbies, but still together. 07-19-15_11-05 PMFinally, they decided it was time.  Right here, right now, with Luce’s long-dead mother as the only attendant, and Sir Moosalot as the wedding officiant.

"You know, I'd spend the rest of my life with you, with or without a ring."

“You know, I’d spend the rest of my life with you with or without a ring.”

"This isn't about commitment, this is about love.  This is my proclamation of my love for you."

“This isn’t about commitment, this is about love. This is my proclamation of my love for you.”

"And here's mine."

“And this is mine for you.”

"Moooo."  (Translation: Kiss her already, man.)

“Moooo.” (Translation: Kiss her already, man.)

07-19-15_11-08 PM-3Three grown kids later, the love is still strong between these two.

07-19-15_11-09 PM

On a less romantic note…07-20-15_12-47 AMWhat the actual plum happened here?

Family Reunion

07-19-15_9-20 PMFrom now on, parties will be “silent” chapters.  Kick back, let the screenshots load, and enjoy the visual experience.  🙂07-19-15_9-25 PM07-19-15_10-17 PM07-19-15_10-16 PM-2 07-19-15_10-22 PM-207-19-15_10-26 PM07-19-15_10-25 PM07-19-15_10-20 PM07-19-15_10-22 PM-307-19-15_10-23 PM-207-19-15_10-25 PM-207-19-15_10-27 PM07-19-15_10-23 PM07-19-15_10-28 PM07-19-15_10-33 PM-307-19-15_10-35 PM07-19-15_10-27 PM-207-19-15_10-31 PM07-19-15_10-32 PM-307-19-15_10-32 PM07-19-15_10-34 PM07-19-15_10-34 PM-207-19-15_10-33 PM-207-19-15_10-36 PM-3

"Mom would've like this, wouldn't she?  Seeing all the family together.  Happy."

“Mom would’ve like this, wouldn’t she? Seeing all the family together. Happy.”